“The journey of Carrie the bag”

Traveling across West Africa, it’s easy to tell when you’re coming to a town or city: the spindly brown trees become decorated with plastic bags like Christmas tree tinsel. Caught in shrubs and on fences, the bags clog sewers and water sources. They are ubiquitous; simple plastic bags are handed out with practically every purchase at a market stall or container shop. Emily Bowers

Plastic packaging that is squattered around our home Accra, Ghana is mostly made up from drinking water sachets and black plastic bags that have been discarded into the streets, the gutters and the sea. The littering of plastic waste on Ghanas streets often leads to choking of drains and gutters and cause flodding as well as increasing the spreading of malaria, cholera and many other diseases.

So what can we do?

* raise awareness about the pollution issue. To make a positive change we have to educate the children- we think that’s the way to reach all generations.

* Put pressure on government with petitions letters to MP’s etc. so they follow the examples of other African countries like a Uganda, Tanzania, Zansibar and South Africa who found different ways to reduce their usage of plastic packaging material.

* Spreading the concept of REDUCE, REUSE and UPCYCLE with our brand new Storytelling Book